For as little as $3.00 per calendar (minimum order: 1000), we will design a calendar using your artwork or photography. You provide artwork in the assigned format, and we use our templates to create a beautiful calendar in lavish four-color printing. The quality of printing is guaranteed: it is amazingly crisp and sharp.

Barnes & Noble, Amazon, many CVS stores, and Calendar Club carry Apollo Publisher's products.

Images for calendars must have large amounts of information or they will look very poor when printed. This requires digital cameras of 12+ megapixel professional grade or medium and large format digital files. Absolutely no exceptions.

You are welcome to produce your own calendar and we will print it for the same price. Our $3.00 price includes the ability to use our templates or provide your own.

FILE FORMAT: TIFF: CMYK, 300 dpi, 10.5" x 12" photographs or artwork. Thirteen pieces (one for the cover).

YOUR DESIGN: If you choose to design your own calendar, you are responsible for producing a Quark or Adobe InDesign file, complete, the way you want it. We do not offer proofreading on this option without an extra fee.

Sample page from our template
(click for a larger view: 53K):

Sample page: January 2008


Email Michael for more details.

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